2020 KDR
Thought I would kick this off.

Thursday 22 Oct
 The Rusty clan (Paul, Maree and Trent) had an relatively early departure from home with the Y62 and Jayco camper in tow.
The trip was nothing out of the ordinary with our usual stop at Tammin for use of their amenities and a "quotquotsafety splash"quotquot of fuel and a good run through the roadworks with only one large-ish delay.
I rolled into ARB Kalgoorlie about 1:30pm where the rest of the WPC crew were waiting.
Greetings made and race radio fitted it was time for a fuel up and run out to the Lake to setup camp.

The WPC Lake campsite was soon complete with Dman (Dermot) with his swag and awning, Dusty (Daniel) and mate John in a forward-fold camper, Ropes (Craig) and Jackson in their "quotquotSwiss army knife"quotquot off-road camper and swag and Zanks (Peter) in his swag.

The groups headed off to check Checkpoints and so on with the Rusty'#039#039s heading into town to buy beer and food, have a bevvy at Judds and th...

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2020 WPC Gymkhana - Trip Report
2020 WPC Gymkhana

Well Murphy stepped in at the eleventh hour and due to being a bit crook on Thursday 24th September and being guest of the Fiona Stanley Hospital Emergency Department on Friday 25th September I did not depart for the campsite until 1000 Saturday 26th September.

I arrived at approximately 1130 to discover that BigCol, Lorraine and Catherine had arrived on the Thursday, Superjacs and Mrs Superjac, SKEM and Estella, Dman, Sbrair, Irene (his partner) and Chris (his dad) had all arrived on Friday.

Tim had arrived earlier on Saturday followed by myself, Iffy and Goose and then IsuzuDave and Rina. We also had day trippers in SteveNDee and their three children along with Kinang and Mrs Kinang and Squirt.

After setting up camp we all settled around the camp fire and caught up. Due to my late arrival I had cancelled the bush university and postponed the quiz until Sunday. Whilst we were catching up and chatting the nibbles came out...

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