Mundaring Powerlines trip - 5th July 2020
We had a show & shine (not really. Steve decided to say he would win as he waxed the GQ before the trip and got new white rims ....very shiney!).
We had a puddle which was a little too deep, but sooooo much fun!!
We had a bonnet up & a lesson in pulling apart the air filter/air intake. 
We had lost & battered number plates.
We had a member pulling up the pant legs & wading into said puddle.
We had a winch recovery, a dented bullbar & dirty new rims!!
All in a days work!
Was a great day, with fun had all around.

Thanks to -
Kylie & Nev
Steve & Dee (plus mini peeps)
Kinang & Chaise

Pictures following.....

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Trip Report - WPC Camp Oven Cook Up 12th - 14th of June 2020
Thanks to all who attended we had 30 people on the day.

I hope you all had a good weekend.


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Gnomesville Trip - 7 June 2020
Ive got pictures!!

Thank you to -

KINANG & MiniPres
SteveNDee & Kids
Rusty and MrsRusty plus Mum
Tim Howe and Sara plus Dad
Sbrairs & Mrs Sbrairs
Two Trolls

For a great day.
Loved Gnomesville. Never been, so it was an eye opener. Kids had an awesome time looking at all the gnomes, finding the rudie ones & putting their gnomes in the mix.

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Gnomesville Reccy 31 May 2020
Well we finally got underway on this one with all the participants meeting up at THE Pinjarra Bakery.
Budds, Kinang, Iffy, Goose, Superjacs, Mrs Superjacs, SouthSiderUnder and son and friend.

After the drivers meeting and a chat about convoy procedures we set off in convoy along the Southwest HWY until we reached the turn off to Henry Rd making our way to the start of the Wellington State Forrest.

This is where the fun began, there was some rocky climbs and descents, some muddy climbs and descents. There was three turn around and three different Trip Leaders until we almost came to a show stopper.

A bloody big tree blocking the track. So next weekend will be an adventure as we will be taking a slightly different route.

We finally popped out onto Wellington Mill Rd and aired up before heading for Gnomesville.

We searched high and low but were unable to find our Gnomeunity. So when we get there we will offer a prize for the...

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Dwellingup Day Trip - Sunday 24th May 2020
Im not sure who was suppose to do the trip report (I think we arrived second last), but I would just like to say a HUGE THANKS to Ropes for taking the trip leader position. Even though we were supposed to be leading, we honestly had no idea where we were going (we probably would have ended up in Albany), but Ropes had all the knowledge.

Here's my take on day.....

The SteveNDee clan, minus one little MiniDee (she had a better offer), packed up the GQ when Dee got home from work & hit the road. Maccas run!! While cruising towards Kwinana Southbound, we hear a 'Dee you on comms' come over the UHF. Low & behold, Kinang has joined us on the freeway from his offramp, and followed us into the BP to fill up.
While we did the Maccas run, Kinang took off to Pinjarra bakery for goodies.

SteveNDee arrived at the grass area across from the pub, just before Kinang did, to find a group of morning travellers waiting for us. We said hello to, Big Col, Mike Jolley, ...

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