Meet and greet 2018 trip report
Meet and greet 2018 trip report.

Well the day started out in glorious fashion. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, what a great time to be alive. We were up early, packed the shorty for the day’s event and we left our humble abode at about 0800 hrs. After a quick fuel stop we headed down the freeway towards Pinjarra for breakfast. At this point everything was sunshine lollypops until we turned onto Pinjarra-Williams Rd when the clouds started rolling in.
We arrived at the carpark opposite the Dwellingup Hotel at 0915 hrs to see all the Patrols lined up in usual fashion. As I got out of my vehicle Budds walked over to me smiling like a Cheshire cat and informed me that I was the last to arrive. DAMN Pinjarra bakery cost me the trip report but it was worth it.

After a bit of a chat Budds rallied the troops and gave his welcome speech and a bit of a rundown of what the day was going to entail. In attendance we had: Budds and Heidi, KINANG...

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Kalgoorlie Desert Race 2018
Ok so I know its a wee bit late but anyway!!

So we had 4 vehicles attend the KDR this year, Ropes& Jackson, Kinang, Jonesy & myself.
So on the Thursday morning we all met at the lakes road house on GEH at around 10am ish topped up with fuel filled in the trip sheet & headed on our way! Managed to hit Kal by 3:30 ish & headed to Goldfields Offroad to get our radios installed, all but Kinang were successful as the techs struggled a little with the 24v. However this was rectified on the Friday night! So Thursday afternoon once we had our radios we all headed out to Lake Percolilli & set up camp, got a fire going & had a few beers before bed!

Friday we decided to go check out each of our assigned check points! This allowed us to drive sections of the track & do what we do in Patrols recover bogged landcruisers! I will let the others elaborate more on this!!

Saturday was a lazy start then out to our checkpoints for the first race by lunch time! Friday e...

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Long week end camp at Brrokton
Sorry it is late in coming but here it is.

The trip started on Thursday lunch time with the picking up of the WPC Banner from Budds (who was working at the time).
Ken and Estelle were already set up at the property by the time we arrived.  The camp fire was lit and next to arrive in the dark was Bill STS and Lisa after a dash to Brookton after work.
Friday morning saw Ken, Bill and Superjac all playing with the boys’ toys (Archery and drones).
Thomas Tank and Mitchel arrived in the afternoon followed by Bill STS son Justin, Dman and Iffy and Jamie.  Bec arrived with Katie, Kristie and Tyler. Last to arrive on Friday was Colin, Lorraine, Katherine and Angel in the cruiser (Col says if they glamping then bring on the glamping car (cruiser), also Poo spat the dummy and blew up on the way so Col left Lorraine and Katherine on the roadside with the camper trailer and returned home to change cars.
Many trips to the trees to collect the firewood for the weekend,...

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Kaarakin Busy Bee 16 September 2018
Well 10 members of the club turned up at 8:30 (with members of 2 other clubs Foothills and Southside) in total about 25 people, on a Sunday Morning to help clean up Kaarakin with their shovels, rakes, hoes and gloves.  The areas around the club rooms were cleared of weeds and a few plants a few people don’t know the difference between a plant and a weed (not the smoking type), a metal pile was cleared up and we had a couple of bonfires.  Morning Tea was served at 10:30 am on the dot by the Association which time we were already for our morning cuppa. 
After morning tea and a chat we got back to work and finish cleaning up the front of the old restaurant.  Unfortunately none of the work that was done today will be seen by most members as it is always dark when we get there. 
Many thanks to those that turned up your assistance were greatly appreciated.

Photos coming soon from Lisa and Bills STS and family

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17 – 20 AUGUST 2018

Ladies and Gents,

The annual Campoven cook up is now done and dusted. We had 11 vehicles with 26 people attending.

Well this got into full swing on Wed 15th August when I collected the key for the AUSTRAX Property from Averley.

Thursday for me was a flurry of activity with the majority of the CT packed all I had to do was load up some essential staples. After a quick dash to the stockfeeds to replenish Heidi’s dwindling Hay stocks it was time for a quick shower before dashing to Harrisdale and for food and fuel. Made it back to home plate packed and was ready to go at 1200. I had arranged to meet John (Superjacs) & Lesley (Mrs Superjac) at my house at 1300. A quick call to let them know I was ahead of schedule only to find they were on their way via The Spud Shed.

We hit the road for Brookton a 1245 and made good time arriving at...

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