Four-Wheel-Drive Forrest Firewood Foraging Fun 7th March 2020
Hello everyone
This trip took place.  But you'll have to take my word for it.
8:15am - Andrew (AB) and two young kids departed the big smoke in a GQ ute with 6x4 trailer.
10:25am  - stop in at Narrogin for hot coffee for myself and milkshakes for the kids.
Called into the local Coles supermarket as I'd realised I'd no toilet paper in the ute.  The toilet paper madness had also struck the folk of Narrogin and District.
~11:30am  - navigated to the designated track for one of the permitted firewood collection areas.  This particular tracked my not have been traversed for several years.  Several trees had fallen across this track.  I set to work to clear these trees from the track and at about 4:30pm called it a day.
I'm satisfied with the outcome and the day's drive to the country.
Biggest difficulties:
1) Chain saw with only a semi sharp chain.  Sharpening the chain in the field was not overly successful.
2) Ipads and children and games.  Edu...

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Whitehills/Preston Beach Day Run - 19 Jan 2020
Scrolling through the forum, I noticed that no one did a trip report for the Whitehills/Preston Beach run we did in January. Since it was the first run for the 2020 year, I thought while sitting here at work (working of course  ;)) I would do up a quick little recap.

It was a nice hot sunny Sunday, where we woke up early and headed down to meet everyone at Miami Bake House Falcon. Being delusional from working the night before and running on no sleep, I miss read the time to meet and we ended up getting there an hour early.  But that was ok, Kinang was already there waiting, having his pie and ice coffee.  Coming on his first run, we met Nick who owns a white GQ.  We were standing around shooting the breeze (and stocking up on baked good for the car ride), AB pulls in and we are ready to go.

SteveNDee were tail end charlie - having never done it before, we decided to give it a go. I'm pretty sure we didn't do a very good job  :o
We pulled off the main road in...

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Mid Week Meander - Friday 21 Feb 2020 MundAl Track Reccy - Report
Well the first weekday trip is now complete, I can't call it a midweek meander as we went out on a Friday. But hey who cares right, we got out and did some driving.

So the best laid plans always go astray, I had organised with IFFY, Superjacs and Mrs Superjack to meet at my house and we would convoy up to the meeting point, however Mr IFFY slept in and so decided to meet us there.

So we rolled into the meeting point at about 0915 to find IFFY and Textminer awaiting our arrival. We said our hellos, did a quick rundown with all of the Trip Leader boxes ticked we mounted up and moved out.

The drive for the day was the first section of the MundAl track and this is an easy section of formed gravel roads and some sections of bitumen. Being the time of year the gravel was very dusty and so our four car convoy was strung out quite some distance.

True to WPC form we had a couple of wrong turns, although I did manage to pick up the mistake before we al...

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