A full copy of the Convoy Procedures can downloaded from here,

  • Trips Leader to call driver meeting prior to the start of any trip and during a trip.
  • Trip Leader has ultimate authority on runs.
  • Trip Leader to appoint “Tail-end Charlie” and “Track Marshals” for each trip.
    Tail end Charlie – the designated member who will be at the end of the convoy and will notify the trip leader of convoy progress, including information regarding the convoys progress around obstacles and turns etc…
    Track Marshals – the designated member/s who will be in charge of guiding or assisting members through obstacles. In the event of winching being necessary, the winch operator will automatically become a “Track Marshal”.
  • Channel 20 is usually the club’s communication channel. The trip leader will inform you if a different channel is used. A secondary channel may be used in the event uninterrupted communications are required .
  • Vehicles without CB’s are to be arranged between those with CB’s.
  • All communication on the CB radios is to be directed to the “Trips Leader”, “Track Marshal” and “Tail end Charlie” during the event of an obstacle.
  • In the event of the trip leader asking a general question to the whole convoy (eg: fuel or toilet stop), the replies should start from the number 2 position working to the rear.
  • Observe road rules at all times.
  • Allow sufficient distance between all vehicles so other road users may safely overtake the convoy
  • When travelling in convoy, all vehicles must switch on their headlights and keep them on for the duration of the trip. Fog lights are NOT to be lit.
  • Keep a safe distance behind the vehicle you are following at all times, especially in hilly country, or when your brakes are wet.
  • Vehicles carrying equipment and personnel, (i.e.: winches, first aid officer, first aid equipment, Doctors, recovery gear…) will be classified as emergency vehicles, and as such must be given clear passage and right of way.
  • Allow the vehicle in front of you to get through an obstacle or over the crest of a hill before you attempt to follow.
  • Each driver shall assume responsibility for the vehicle behind it, and is to wait at corners, deviations or an obstacles etc. to ensure the following vehicle knows where to turn and how to pass the obstacle.
  • No driver is to feel at all pressured into attempting any obstacle they feel uncomfortable in negotiating.  If necessary an alternate route around an obstacle will be found by the Trip Leader of Tail End Charlie in this situation.
  • Vehicles leaving convoy for any reason, wave on the remainder of the convoy and inform the “Tail end Charlie” of their intention.
  • When winches and snatch straps are being used all persons are to stand clear of winch cables and snatch straps (at least one and a half lengths in all directions).
  • All gates and property are to be left as found.
  • All rubbish is to be stored and disposed of in the appropriate manner at the conclusion of the trip
  • No alcohol is to be consumed on a club trip until the conclusion of a days driving. This also applies to overnight runs.
  • Any disputes or issues between drivers are to be resolved using the Trip Leader as a moderator.